2017 Fall All Stars Registration

All Stars Recreational League

Fall season will begin in the middle of August for some ages and the first of September for our younger groups. Fall registration with the new website. Fall registration is different than spring registration. We offer a bigger package (Full uniform, Practice Jersey, Player Award, Professional Staff Support, End of year celebration). Fall registration can be split into 3 payments. There is a discount for paying in full.

Fall Season Structure:

  • Pick your Team
  • Pick your Practice Day
  • Pick your Practice Time
  • Professional Staff support for every team
  • Coaches Clinic for all Volunteer Coaches
  • Set curriculum for each age group.
  • Professional Staff support at every game
  • Recreational end of year celebration

Coaches should want to coach and not end up coaching because no one else would. Our paid staff will oversee training sessions and games. This support will only further the development of our children. You wouldn't send your child to a school with not curriculum, so why do that with their soccer development? All staff members have obtained US Soccer Federation Diplomas (go Quest YSC)!

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