2018 Fall - Come Out and Play

7th 9th 14th 16th  August 2018


Quest Soccer Club is offering a short and simple Get Out and Play program.  Players will work with licensed soccer coaches. Each day players will receive practice and gameplay each day. The Get Out and Play program is not part of the 2018 fall season. The Get Out and Play program does provide insurance for all players. All program staff member have pass background checks. All program staff members have diplomas from the United States Soccer Federation.             

           Play dates are August 7th, 9th, 14th and 15th Start Time: 6:30 PM - End Time: 7:45 PM  


  1. Allow players of all levels an opportunity to enjoy the game of soccer.

  2. Gives players early preseason training.

  3. Create a stress-free and safe play environment.

  4. Get boys & girls outside and playing.


  • We provide an environment that promotes the enjoyment of soccer and youth sports while developing motor skills and coordination.

  • The ability to effectively work with others is a life skill that will benefit children in all areas of life for years to come.

  • We believe that sportsmanship is a key value that needs to be taught to all youth.

  • We strive to instill the values of self-respect and respect for others in our players.

  • We want all of our players to have goals and targets beyond their reach so that they can strive harder than they will normally ever do.

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