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Recreational Overview
Recreational (U4-U18)


What is the Recreational Program?  A program that emphasizes fun for all participants; age appropriate development of players, formation of equally balanced teams, and education for coaches and referees.


Why choose Quest Soccer Club over other programs?  Included in the Program:  * Professional Training (3 years +)


  • 20:1 Player coach ratio
  • A Club philosophy that is player based
  • A Curriculum that begins at player development and progresses to Recreational and Competitive.
  • Camps offered throughout the year
  • Street Soccer
  • Skills Training
  • 3 v 3 Tournaments – hosted by Quest
  • Gateway to Youth Academy (U9/U10) and Competitive Soccer (U11+)


How long does the season last?  For each season for U7 and older we will make every effort to play 9 weeks. However, due to a limited number of available play dates, games cancelled due to rain may NOT be re-scheduled. The fall season runs from August to end of November. Our spring season (due to Spring Break and Easter) and runs from February to the end May.


What are the ages of the brackets in recreational soccer?  Quest Soccer Club covers recreational players from 3 – 18 years of age and competitive soccer from age 10 through 18 years of age. A player’s age is based on their age on August 1st of each yeah.


When and where do we play our games?  Games are generally played on Saturdays, but some Sunday afternoon games may be scheduled. Teams in the U-11/12 age groups will play most (if not all) games at Youth Sports Complex in Deer Park , at 210 W. X Street to the Battle Ground golf course. Some games may be played in neighboring BAYSA approved soccer fields. The U13 – U18 teams will play games at Dow Park Sports Fields and/or neighboring BAYSA-approved soccer club fields – field directions to these fields are available at www.baysa.org.


Do we wear uniforms?  Uniforms are provided to all players. Quest Soccer Club offers a fall season uniform and a spring season uniform.


What other equipment is needed?  You will be required to have shin guards, soccer shoes and furnish your own soccer ball for practice. You will all so need a water jug for practices and games. The Club strongly advises parents write your last name on your soccer ball. Note that different age players use different size soccer balls as follows:      U-4 through U-8 Ball Size #3 U-9 through U-12 Ball Size #4 U-13 through U-19 Ball Size #5


What do my Club Fees cover?  Required fees cover maintenance, expenses associated with obtaining referees, insurance coverage, cost of background checks on all adult volunteers, Professional Training for age groups U4 – U10 an capital fund projects.


How long are the games?  The length of the games depends on the age bracket of the children, as follows:

  • U-4 and U-6 1 hour developmental session
  • U-7 48 minutes (four 12-minute quarters)
  • U-8 48 minutes (four 12-minute quarters)
  • U-9 andU-10 50 minutes (two 25-minute halves)
  • U-11 and U-12 60 minutes (two 30 - minute halves) U-13 and U-14 70 minutes (two 35-minute halves) U-15 and U-16 80 minutes (two 40-minute halves)
  • U-17 through U-19 90 minutes (two 45-minute halves)


What about playing time? All coaches are required to play players a minimum of 50% of the game, if you feel your player is not receiving the minimum playing time, please contact the Quest office and ask to speak to the Director of Coaching -Recreational – Carlos DeGracia c.degracia@questysc.org. A member of the staff will speak with the appropriate coach and find a way to resolve the situation.


What is the team format?  Team formation is as follows:

  • U4 and U5 development groups Saturday only play session.
  • U6 development groups (coed).
  • U7 and U8 Roster size 6 to 8 players per team.
  • U8 and U9 Roster size 8 to 10 players per team.
  • U9 and U10 Roster size 10 to 14 players per team.
  • U13 and above Roster size 16 to 18 players per team.

How are teams formed?  After registration has closed, team formations begin. If you are new, placement is decided by team needs; your neighborhood and school are also part of the consideration for placement. Team formation takes up to 3 weeks; you will be notified by your coach regarding your respective team. Please note, the Quest Soccer Club

professional staff will redistribute a previous season’s players from teams/coaches who have significantly weaker or stronger rosters, to maintain the fairness and integrity of the recreational program. We are required to balance all recreational teams by our governing body, STYSA. Whether new or returning, Quest cannot guarantee placement requests for specific players, friends, or coaches.


What if I want my child to play up? You may request your child play up in an older bracket.

      Approval will be at the discretion of the Director of Coac hing (D.O.C.) – Carlos DeGracia

c.degracia@questysc.org abilities.


Who are the coaches?  Just as in most other recreational sports, the PARENTS are the   COACHES. You may ask yourself, “How can I coach a team when I don’t know how to?” If you have a love of working and helping children and a desire to get involved in their lives, you have the beginning qualities of becoming a great coach. Quest Soccer Club will provide beginning training in the skills of soccer to anyone wishing to become a coach. If you are interested in coaching, please register online today! A coaching license is not required your first year of coaching. However, training modules for coaches are held statewide, details and schedules can be found at www.stxsoccer.org. Please visit our


website at www.questysc.org for details about coaching classes that your Professional Staff provides during the year. During the fall and spring we conduct short coaching clinics, this is not a course that is certified, but it is an opportunity to learn basics of coaching and age appropriate tips on coaching. Keep in mind Quest Soccer Club can only form as many teams as we have coaches. It is our desire to have every child who wants to play soccer be placed on a team. So please help us by volunteering to coach so we can be sure not to turn away players. If you have any questions regarding coaching, please contact Carlos DeGracia, Director of Coaching- Recreational at c.degracia@questysc.org


When do we practice?  Practices are scheduled by the coach in conjunction with our scheduler and outlined below:

  • U4-U5 1 hour per week (Saturdays) with Quest Staff Coach.
  • U6 Two 1 hour per week Monday & Wednesday with Saturday Game Day
  • U7-U8 Two 1 hour per week Monday & Wednesday with Professional Staff and 1 team practice with their volunteer coach.
  • U9-U10 Two 1 hour per week Monday & Wednesday with Professional Staff and 1 team practice with their volunteer coach

Volunteer Coaches do not schedule practices until teams are formed. We will not have a practice schedule available at the time you register your player, and your team coach will not have a practice schedule until the PreSeason Coaches meeting. Please wait for the coach to call you regarding team practices; we do not keep your coaches schedule in a office, it’s based upon their own schedule. We cannot give out refunds or move your player to a different team because of practice schedules. We can advise you to review your current extra -curricular activities for your player to ensure that most evenings are open for practices and also keep in mind that your player may have games on Saturday or Sunday.

  • U11-U18 Practice is set by the Volunteer Coach.


What about rainouts?  If there is threatening inclement weather, please visit the Quest Soccer Club website. Field status is updated with the latest field information if it is a decision made prior to 4 pm. If you find that the fields are closed, call your coach or team manager to make sure that the message gets out to your entire team. If you play in the BAYSA league, please check their website for rainout information at www.baysa.org

because we live in Texas, the weather can turn severe within minutes. The Quest Professional Staff has the authority to close fields if the weather changes and jeopardizes the safety of players, parents and coaches. At the first sign of lightning, practice and games should be halted and seek shelter immediately inside the Dow Park or Northwest Park building or in your car for a minimum of 20 minutes.


Are rainout games rescheduled?  We attempt to reschedule rainouts as the season allows; however, often because of rain, field conditions are not favorable for games and training.


Do we have referees?  U-4 and U-6 are supervised by staff. U7 through U8 are refereed by our volunteer parents. U9 and older will have official referees.


Can I become a referee?  Absolutely! The state offers 2 -3 certification classes every


      year, study and passing a written test are required to become a referee, but you will have a much better understanding of the game after completing the course. Although it should not be surprising, many coaches and players do not know the rules of the game. Please check our web site at www.questysc.org to get the most up-to-date information regarding our club referee classes or contact Mylo Torres at m.torres@questysc.org for a list of upcoming classes.



What can you do?  Quest Soccer Club needs your support to run a successful program for our kids and to minimize the cost of play. Here are a few ways YOU CAN HELP.

  • COACH: Be the head coach for one of the Recreational teams
  • ASSISTANT COACH: Help the head coach at practices and games
  • TEAM PARENT: Communicate between the coaches and the parents, set up snack schedule, trophy and picture pick up, end of the year party
  • FIELD PATROLS: 2-hour intervals during fall and spring seasons to supervise behavior of fans, parents, coaches, and players
  • OFFICE HELP: Clerical help (filing, paperwork, data entry, etc.), answering phones (during registration the phone traffic is very busy in the Rush office), uniforms/t-shirts (organizing and distribution), etc.
  • PROJECTS / EVENTS: Helping in any number of areas for special projects/events for the recreational program and/or the club as a whole.


For additional information regarding volunteering in any capacity, contact Scott Sotelo at

s.sotelo@questysc.org or call 281-814-4664 - PLEASE DO NOT JUST TEXT   We can not reply to random questions.  


What is the refund policy?  Quest Soccer Club does offer refunds pior to team/group formation. Once teams have been formed, there are no refunds. In some circumstances a letter of credit may be issued. All requests mustbe submitted in writing Refund Form and sent to Deliah Ortiz at info@questysc.org

along with supporting documentation. All requests are subject to approval; a $50 processing fee, state insurance fees paid, and accrued training time will be deducted.


What are the Club Fees?  

Registration Fees vary from season to season. Fees are based on state fees, league fees, uniform and training programs.

*Late fees: During late registration each player is charged a $20 late fee in addition to the other fees for registering. (Dates are specific to each season’s registration.)

A check that is issued to the club and returned because of insufficient funds is automatically deposited a second time in an effort to clear payment. All returned checks that are not cleared after the second deposit are subject to a $25.00 return check fee. Stopped payments are treated as any other returned check with identical consequences. If fee is not paid within 30 days, the player will be removed from the program.


Any questions regarding registrations please visit our website at www.questysc.org