Quest Ladies 2012-2013

Quest Ladies 2012-2013

The Club would like to welcome everyone to the 2021 fall competitive season. All players born in 2012 - 2013 have now graduated to competitive soccer. The first level of competitive soccer is identified as Division 4. Our teams will now compete again the other clubs in the Bay Area Soccer Association. 

Competitive soccer does have a different process and schedule. Teams are active for almost all of the month of August. This requires families to register much sooner. Teams must be formed and evaluated prior to entering the league. Bay Area's deadline for team entry is August 14th. The league is made up of multiple brackets (Alpine, Blast and Challenge). It is important to know which of these Brackets our teams should play in. With timely registration and good participation, we can form teams and be prepared for the upcoming 2021 competitive fall season. 

Waiting to register late or not participating until late August will create an environment where our teams are forming days before their first games. This will not give our girls the best opportunity for success. If we do not have a clear vision by the cut-off date of August 14, Quest will be forced to make a blind guess. Please help us give our players the best opportunity. 

Quest will organize several workout days in June. Our goal is to prepare families and players for the 2021 fall season. 

July will be our summer break and we have hopes of bringing our teams back in August to begin full training and practices.

None of this is possible without you. 

More information and dates to come. 

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